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Inna Duckworth

Registered Naturopath


Fertility for couples and female health

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Registered Naturopath with General Naturopathic Council, Medical Herbalist. 


Full-time clinical practice since 2017, after supervised practice in the University Herbal Medicine Clinic between 2010-2017; published author. 

I have dedicated myself to lifelong learning and the practice of natural holistic medicine offering my patients effective solutions that address the root-cause of their issues at all levels to bring about long-lasting changes and true wellbeing.

My practice combines several modalities following relevant training for each: Clinical Herbal Medicine, Nutrition, Advanced Functional Medicine Testing, Nutrigenomics, Mind-Body Connection, Ancient Healing Techniques, Chinese Five Elements, Energetics of Plants, Flower Remedies. 



My specialisation is Naturopathic Fertility Support for Couples. Support is offered as a 12-14 weeks package: possible as a combination of in-clinic and online consultations. A thorough investigation of potential hindering fertility factors through advanced lab testing  is combined with a personalised support programme: food, herbs, vitamins and minerals, together with lifestyle suggestions relevant for your couple. 

An initial Fertility overview can be offered a 1 hour standalone consultation; the cost will be deducted, if you choose to commit to a package. The packages are designed to prepare you to IVF as well as to improve chances to have a healthy baby naturally.


Additionally, I'm available to local women who are seeking help with hormonal imbalances, PCOS, endometriosis, perimenopause and menopause. Special training in female Ecology and health (Candida, BV, UTI). An initial consultation is 1 hour, with follow-ups starting from 30 minutes. 

To get the most value of our time together a 3 month support and implementation package is offered. 

A very special place in my practice is also dedicated to emotional wellbeing: 1 hour Ancient Healing sessions are offered.

How I work with clients


Please check my website for detailed information about each service:

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