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Kathryn Varley Consultancy
Yoga Therapist for Integrative Restoration


My name is Kathryn. I am a Yoga Elder Practitioner with a personal practice of 40yrs. It began with private sessions in Harley Street to osteopaths and their clients and continued with specialist groups in residential mental healthcare and recovery from addiction. I currently offer client directed one to one private sessions, teach on a faculty of further education for Post Graduate Yoga Teachers and offer deeply relaxing, restorative and radically creative yoga and meditation classes to small groups.

The Bodymind

When the mind is on overload the body feels uncomfortable. Introducing tiny physical somatic movement helps support, re-educate and re-balance the muscular skeletal process. At the same time it eases pain and physical tension while simultaneously quietening the mind and soothing the nervous system. As a meditative whole person approach, this allows time to welcome both physical sensation as well as thoughts, emotions and misguided beliefs so their opposites may also be introduced and nothing is left out. Offering an ongoing embodied practice of learning how to welcome how it feels to be at ease.

Deep Self Care

Sessions may be seated or lying down. No knowledge of yoga required. Practices are accessible and adaptable for any range of mobility. And with a take-away of personalised session notes and audio meditation recordings the client may choose to continue to explore and develop a personal practice in the comfort of their own home.

Personal practice allows time to re-adjust and improve pacing whether it be for auto-immune issues, every day stress, anxiety or recovery from illness, injury or huge life changes such as job loss, surgery or bereavement. Small steps of deep- self-care form the building blocks to confidence and resilience. The backbone to supporting change without overwhelm, in life, as it arises.

Contact and Fees

Fees : One session £60/50 mins
Free : 30 min consultation
Contact: Email or Text details to 07761 679840   Web:

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