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Lisa Hancock,


My name is Lisa Hancock, and I have a passion for helping people navigate through life's challenges.


Finding that genuine connection is important and can play a key role in the overall success of counselling. You will often sense whether a therapist is right for you, so by listening to your gut feeling, it will often lead you to the right place and where you need to be. 


My practice offers a still and authentic space, met with a therapeutic approach centred around compassion and non-judgement, providing you with the freedom and opportunity to bring and reflect on anything you are experiencing in your life. 


Life changing events, Grief, Bereavement, relationship difficulties, Anxiety, Loss, change in routine, or Low Mood – challenges can appear in our lives and can be hard to get on top of. 


Counselling offers a space, and a human connection to reflect on what's weighing you down and can help to make sense of the thoughts and feelings we can get easily stuck in and consumed by. 


Through my work at a local Hospice, I am experienced in supporting people through the challenges of Grief and Bereavement, whether this is anticipatory or following the loss of a loved one. 

Contact and sessions

As well as working face to face at the Kingswood Practice, I am a certified online and telephone counsellor and provide sessions online (via a secure video platform) and via the telephone, offering accessibility, choice, and convenience, and creating a comfortable environment for those who feel more at ease working remotely. 


Either way provides the same therapeutic benefits - it simply comes down to personal choice and what works best for you.


Please get in touch to arrange a free 30-minute online or Telephone consultation.


Should you feel comfortable and wish to progress with counselling, sessions are charged at £50 per session and 50-minutes in duration.

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