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Maryna Erickson,
Integrative Counsellor

About me

Greetings, I am Maryna Erickson, a qualified Humanistic Integrative counsellor, committed to supporting individuals in their exploration of emotions, fostering self-awareness, attaining self-acceptance and nurturing personal growth. I value the uniqueness and individuality of each person, recognising that their stories and aspirations are as diverse as their backgrounds.


Originating from Ukraine, I relocated to the UK more than two decades ago. In my home country I began my professional journey as a nurse. The medical field showed me the importance of compassion and kindness in supporting those who are going through tough times.It was during this period that I really started appreciating the emotional aspect of care, which laid the foundation for my interest in psychotherapy and my eventual counselling career.


Beyond my professional endeavours, I am deeply devoted to my family. I am intimately familiar with the intricacies and challenges inherent in balancing personal, professional and family life. Drawing from this insight, I offer support to individuals navigating relationship complexities, parenting challenges and significant life transitions.

How I work

As a Humanistic counsellor I believe in the power of self-discovery and the innate potential within each person. My personal experiences of adaptation and resilience provide me with a unique perspective on life. I am deeply attuned to the complexities of cultural and personal identity. I recognize that building trust takes time, and my approach is primarily client-led, which means that I tailor our pace to your comfort. In our sessions, you're free to share without fear of judgement or rejection, whenever you deem it appropriate. I cultivate a safe, caring, and respectful environment while gently encouraging your personal exploration. By integrating various approaches, methods, and theories, I can more effectively meet your specific needs.


I have experience working with adults from diverse backgrounds, addressing a broad spectrum of concerns such as anxiety, depression, OCD, low self-esteem, loneliness, relationship challenges, chronic pain, and other difficulties.

Sessions and fees

For new clients, I offer a complimentary 30-minute initial phone or video consultation. During this consultation we will be able to talk about what brings you to counselling and can decide if I might be the right counsellor for you. 


Subsequent sessions are typically held weekly, maintaining a consistent day and time slot. The session fee is £50 per 50-minute session. Concessions are available for counselling trainees.


Clients often wonder if their concerns are significant enough to justify seeking help from a counsellor. I am of the opinion that you don't need to be close to a breaking point to make it okay for yourself to reach out. If you feel the need, feel free to ask for support any time.

I am looking forward to hear from you and address any inquiries you may have. Feel free to reach out to me via text message, phone, or email: 07828335763

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