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Dr Penelope Smith-Lee Chong,
Counselling and Occupational Psychologist
(DCounsPsych, CPsychol)


I am an experienced HCPC Registered Counselling and Occupational (organisational) Psychologist and have been an independent Chartered Psychologist since 2003. I am a Trauma specialist - an EMDR Consultant (Europe and EMDR International Association) approved and Clinical Supervisor. I have worked in the NHS services with adults and young adults (severe and enduring mental health). I also have experience in CAMHS.


I specialise in helping individuals aged 18 and over regain their lives after being impacted upon by trauma – PTSD, C-PTSD; relational or attachment trauma, stress, injury, anxiety or depression. In addition, as an Occupational (organisational) Psychologist with additional training in Business/Executive Coaching and over 20 years of business experience, I am uniquely placed to understand clients whose mental health issues have been negatively been impacted or been caused by work

Working with me

Trauma can be an isolating experience – although the trauma was in the past, one can re-experience the trauma making you believe that there’s something wrong with you. You do not have to go through this journey alone. I truly believe and have witnessed post-traumatic growth i.e. growth after trauma in my clients. 


I use a holistic and integrative style drawing on both top-down (cognitive) and bottom-up (body/stomatic) approaches which I’m trained in. I work with you collaboratively and tailor the approach to you. I mainly use EMDR (eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing)  and or Attachment-informed EMDR along with Internal Family Systems (IFS) – a gentle approach to parts work. I am also trained in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) – which includes mindfulness, Sensorimotor psychotherapy – a somatic/body therapy among others. We decide together after consultation what is appropriate. 


I offer short, medium or long term work.  


If you would like to make an appointment, I offer a 15 min zoom or phone consultation. Please contact me via email. You can look on my website for more information about me including fees. (see contact details at the top of this page) 

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