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Steph McCann
Certified Health Coach and
Indian Head Massage Therapist 


My name is Steph and my passion is helping people to amplify their health and their life in a way that that they might never have experienced before.  Everyone deserves good health, and I cut through the noise and confusion that the diet industry and internet can often bring.

What does a Health Coach do?

A health coach works closely with their clients to gain a full picture of what their life is like from birth up to present day and helps to create a plan that is implementable, enjoyable and leads them to the goal that matters most. Having someone listen to your story, your concerns, and what you want to achieve is very powerful and can yield the most fruitful result.


Having the right guidance and information together with close personal coaching each week is an investment in our future health and sets clients up for older years helping to reduce the possibility of heart health issues, diabetes, and cognitive decline.  The genes load the gun, the lifestyle pulls the trigger.

Taking charge of stress and tension

Stress plays a big part in our modern lives and we often neglect to proactively remedy this.  I offer a 45 minute Indian Head Massage which promotes deep relaxation, good blood flow to the brain and restful sleep. At the end of the day there’s nothing nicer that “me time” to help dial down the busyness of life.


If you’re experiencing STRESS, WEIGHT CONCERNS, MENOPAUSAL ISSUES, LACK OF PURPOSE, or would just love a good old MOT then please get in touch.  I offer a 15 minute free initial chat to ensure the coach/client fit. 


Indian Head Massage Treatments  (45 mins) £47

Indian Head Massage and 1 hour health audit - £135

Bespoke Health Coaching from £495 5 sessions (first session is 2.5 hours)


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