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8 Ways that Counselling Creates Change

1. Self-awareness - know yourself differently

Developing self-awareness allows you to look down on yourself, your world and become an observer. You begin to make sense of things, see things in a different way and understand what makes you tick and why. This puts you in a starting place to consider change.

2. You will notice your thoughts and begin to manage them

With literally thousands of thoughts and many repetitive ones running through your mind every day, you can recognise how they have the potential to shape your mood and life. Once you begin to notice the dialogue jabbering away in your head, you are suddenly more in control of your thinking.

3. You will begin to make sense of the past

All your experiences in the past influence the person you are today- your family and friends, your environment and events in your life. There is huge value in understanding the past and how it has influenced your life journey. Old wounds can be healed and painful experiences worked through, so they don't get in the way of your life now in the same way.

4. You will understand why you do things which don’t make sense

Maybe you find relationships difficult, self-harm or are quick to anger. Perhaps you are frustrated or ashamed by your behaviour and wonder why you can’t stop. All of us get stuck sometimes in behaviours that we repeat despite the fact we know they don't serve us well. Counselling provides a safe place to explore these - why they exist and any fears you have about change.

5. You will begin to value yourself

Maybe you have become adept at pleasing others, neglect your own needs or are quick to criticise yourself. Counselling can help you to recognise these patterns and show the value of really showing yourself true compassion and support.

6. Your relationships can become more meaningful

Counselling is an opportunity to explore all your important relationships. You may come to appreciate the relationships which are important to you because of the positive affect they have on how you feel. You might also decide to take a step back from relationships that are toxic or hindering your wellbeing. Counselling offers a place away from the 'noise' of your social world and the chance to evaluate your relationships in a safe space.

7. Find self acceptance and peace

An inner contentment can be found when you feel that you can be ‘you’. Receiving acceptance from your counsellor for your flawed and imperfect self is a blue-print for a new and loving relationship with yourself. This can be an incredibly healing and joyful experience.

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